Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Talk to the Stranger!!

its spinning up & down all over again...yeah..i guess this is another phase of my life it turn down a few month lately...haiihhh...but i realize how lucky i am to have a bless from Allah...He save me whenever the liars out there is waiting for me as 1 of their victim...always...!!

Here the story... i am about frustrating in my current job and look forward to get a chance for a better future soon..i start to shoot my resume as much as i can with hoping that there something better for me waiting out there.. day by day..i try my luck to find new opportunity, this time through the newspaper (usually NST) . A few advertisement had get my u are ~

interesting rite??? for sure i'm interested in apply the admin position as i'm experience on this field for almost 4 yrs. Salary offer is too high?? yeah...quite high for the fresh graduate, but as i've been in HR field, its not a big figure if u are an experienced person.

I decided to make a call to both of the company. They ask me a few question but both asked the same Q which are "Are u fresh grade / employed?? How long it will take to give notice to ur current employer?? " seems like its really an immediate vacancy rite?? haha..

The girl that i talked to had arranged an interview for me immediately by tomorrow!! woowww!! it was just like, i really can't hardly wait to left my current job!! huhu... she gave me the address without telling me the company's name but i had asked her about it. She told me it was GCSB very quickly!! i beg ur pardon miss? is it GCSB Sdn Bhd?? nope!! it just GCSB & ok tq!! haha...she cut the conversation. errkk!

so i try to get some information from the internet about the company. Ya make myself well prepared before the interview session kn.. i found a few similar company from Yahoo search engine but its not located as what the girl said. so i try with Google then... what a shock!! there is no such company information neither the website or any business job. The info that i got its only a list of blog that tell the LIAR EXPERIENCE STORY about the company!!! haiihhh...i am so grateful for the info i found. i can't make the story telling to u cause luckily to get to know about it before the interview tomorrow!! huhu... but here are a few blog linked that can tell us all the LIAR STORY they have been through...

here i write down the address for ur futher reference. i bet the address is the same address as stated in above blog!! who know u could probably get the same as mine. so better watch out la kn?!

Suite 2A, Tingkat 18,
Blok 2A, Plaza Sentral,
KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

so how?? get shock like crazy as i did kn??? hoooowaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!! After read these few blog, i decided not to go to the interview tomorrow!! even i actually not very 100% sure of the company that i've been called just now, but i don't want to take a risk!! wasting my time... i believe that 'Rezeki Allah Luas...ada di mana2...cume kena usaha lg!!' so go go chaiyok to me!! ahaks!!

well, moral of the story ~ please please do the research in whatever interview u'll be attend especially to the FRESH GRADUATE!! Jangan jd MANGSA!!

**tibe2 aku cube bersunggung utk write this entry in English!! ahahaha....hrp maaf ye klu rs2 ade ayt2 pelik je in my entry this time!! kikiki...**


miss el said...

hy awak. thanks for dropping comment on my post. sama2 kita jadikan iktibar n pengalaman :) hope u'll get better offer after this! take care! :)

Azlina ishAk said...

tommorow i have interview with stupid GC SDN BHD,,i will never ever come,tq 4 the information

Анна Лапина said...

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